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Every person and every situation has untapped potential. Kate Harper Coaching is an executive coaching and leadership development company specializing in maximizing the potential of leaders, their teams, and individuals who want to do well and make a difference. We develop leaders to have the confidence and skills to inspire others, lead business results, and foster success and satisfaction. We coach individuals to discover their purpose and passion and create a life that is deeply fulfilling.

Services Overview

Our Services at a Glance

Executive Coaching ─ Today’s executives need to be able to manage present day tactics while creating future value. We coach executives one-on-one to know their strengths, over come blind spots, and show up powerfully.

Leadership Development ─ The best companies invest in their human capital. We offer leadership fundamentals workshops, individual coaching, and group coaching to increase the impact and effectiveness of leadership talent.

Individual Coaching─ Joseph Campbell said to follow your bliss. Yet, how do you do that? We work with individuals to discover their passion and and put it into action, to deal with uncertainty and blocks, and create a deeply satisfying life.


Powerful Practices for Leaders

What could most leaders do more of? Communicating? Deciding? Inspiring? Here is something you probably have not thought of─most leaders could do more reflecting.

Pause: 52 Ways to Shift Any Outcome in Less Than a Minute is a book and card deck teaches the power of reflection, of taking a moment to pause, enabling you to respond to any situation from a more resourceful space. Pause is a book for anyone who want to be more masterful, influential, and inspiring. The 52 simple practices and thought-provoking quotes help you slow down reaction just long enough to find a powerful new attitude, action, and result.

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