Executive Coaching

Increase the Impact and Effectiveness of Your Leaders

Coaching supports executives to gain the confidence and skills they need to think strategically, execute powerfully, and create engaged and energized teams. The result is leaders that are able to meet the challenges of the business today and into the future. I specialize in

  • Executive Impact – increased presence, confidence, ownership and risk taking
  • Strategic Thinking – creating a compelling vision and balancing long term priorities with present tactics
  • Leading Global Organizations – working across diverse systems and cultures to create a vibrant global organization
  • Developing Others – identifying potential and actively developing the contribution of others
  • Inspired Leadership – deepening self awareness and mindfulness, leading from strengths and values

Coaching Approach

I help clients tap into their unique gifts and talents, deepen their awareness, break thorough barriers, and move forward in ways  essential to success. I achieve results by

  • Creating a deep confidential relationship with each client where it is safe to explore.
  • Connecting the client with his or her own wisdom.
  • Creating a space where clients can experience an inner shift and gain the confidence to take risks.
  • Aligning the organization’s objectives with client’s goals, natural talents, and values.
  • Communicating 360 feedback and “speaking the loving truth” so clients understand how others experience them.
  • Supporting clients to learn new skills, try new behaviors, and take action.
  • Holding the client accountable for agreed actions.


Call me at +1 978-448-3722 or contact me to for a complimentary coaching consultation to see if executive coaching is right for you or a leader in your organization.