Leadership Development

Leadership Development Office Hours

Picture this. A year ago─ A young talented sales manager is frustrated. She has responsibility for day to day operations, but feels unsupported by her manager. Lack of role clarity and unresolved conflict is hurting team morale and performance. Today─ she is proactive, working with her manager to head off problems. When frustration rises she takes ownership for handling it productively.

A year ago─ A respected director of operations is reading email and taking “important” phone calls during the senior management meeting. The company is expanding regionally, but the regions are losing money and no one is taking responsibility. Today─ The director of operations owns regional profitability. Sales are up 40% and losses are down 90.5%. He effectively operates both tactically and strategically and is engaged in meetings, setting the agenda and driving decisions.

Dedicated to the Success of Your Leaders

These are just two leaders who experienced individual growth that led to a significant business outcome and return on investment. What if your leaders had a resource dedicated to their and the organization’s success? What if you could develop several up and coming leaders for the cost of coaching a single executive? Leadership Development Office Hours is on-site leadership development that differs from traditional coaching focused on a single individual. I come to your site a few days each month and work closely with a set of leaders you choose. I coach one-on-one, work in small groups and meet with leaders and their managers to set objectives and review progress. Because I work with several individuals in a day, it is very cost effective for you. Your leaders will gain:

  • Increased confidence and skills that drive business results
  • New skills for developing and coaching others
  • Ability to manage conflict and deal with a difficult boss or colleague
  • More effective communication strategies
  • Ways to turn frustration into positive action
  • Ownership of their own growth, performance and satisfaction

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Leadership Fundamentals

Are leaders born or made? Probably it is a bit of both. But even the most promising leaders can benefit from learning leadership fundamentals. I offer a series of interactive, engaging workshops that focus on skills all leaders need. All workshops include fun ‘out of the seats’ activities, focus on practical application and foster the creation of a community of leaders that support each other. Choose from 1.5 hour lunch and learns, to half day and full day sessions. Topics include:

  • Communicating Effectively
  • Leading a High Performance Team
  • How to Give Feedback and Inspire Performance
  • Handling Conflict
  • Leading from Vision and Values
  • Making the Most of Your Time
  • Coaching for Performance
  • Managing Stress
  • Effective Meetings

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