My Story

Waking Up

Several years ago, I found myself suffering through many sleepless nights. I was miserable and didn’t know why. It seemed like I “had it all.” I had success as the director of a high tech company. I had an exciting life, traveling around the world developing high-performance teams. My personal life was “successful,” too. I had a good marriage, two really wonderful daughters, loving friends, health, and money. Yet, I wasn’t satisfied. Deep down, I knew something was off kilter.

Today, I believe the sleepless nights were my body’s way of telling me to wake up to a new way of living. Fundamentally, I needed to move away from external definitions of success and toward a life that’s guided from within. Since then, I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual practice. I began exploring meditation and yoga. I deepened prayer, gratitude, and faith. I practiced acceptance, not pushing against what is happening but aligning with what wants to happen and what is possible beyond my limited view. I began to listen to my heart.

And I still practice every day! I am still learning to listen to the inner call (and the greater call) and treat myself like my own best friend. My new definition of success is being present, living from my values of love and service, seeing the divine in each person, and delighting in life along the way.

From Engineer to Coach

How did an engineer become a coach? Two things stand out. First, I was hungry for fulfilling work and never lost my fundamental belief that we can love what we do. And I had mentors and coaches who supported me — seeing things in me that I didn’t yet see in myself. I love coaching. It’s work that allows me to use my unique talents. It’s about helping people find their own wisdom and live by it. It requires me to be a steward for transformation – present and aware, seeing the greater opportunity hidden in any challenge, and being in service to the greater good.

My business and leadership experience fits into the picture, too. As a leader I had a big desire to build a successful business, create real value for customers, and have happy people (and be happy myself). It was tough to do! I’ve learned first-hand how to create a positive work environment, maximize natural talents, and develop high performing teams. All are powerful means for achieving business objectives and finding personal satisfaction. I am drawn to working with leaders and teams who love results, are passionate about people, and want to make a difference.

Enjoying the Ride

One of my favorite inspirational speakers loves to say that on a white water rafting trip you don’t put your boat in the water ten feet from the finish. You put in far upstream to get the greatest ride. An old English proverb states, “A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner”. This is my intention – to put in far upstream, navigate both the calm and stormy waves, and enjoy this amazing ride of life.