Inspired Mastery

I went to coaching school with my best friend Jennifer Sellers, whom I met when I was 12. Jennifer and I partnered with two other master coaches, Sheri Boone and Karen Cappello, to create Inspired Mastery, a company dedicated to decreasing suffering in the work place by increasing the personal mastery of leaders. At Inspired Mastery I do executive coaching and design and deliver programs for leaders and leadership teams. We have created a unique card deck and book for leaders, Pause: 52 Ways to Shift Any Outcome in Less Than a Minute.

Vision Quest Consulting and The Magic Parties

While I was at Peritus Software Services I hired a cutting edge coach with her own management consulting company, Wendy Capland. She was my first coach and inspired me to start my own business. Today I am an executive coach and facilitator for Wendy’s company Vision Quest Consulting. Vision Quest has been developing high performance leadership talent for more than 25 years and has a phenomenal Leadership University.

Wendy is also the creator of Personal Leadership Retreats for women, where women support women to find their power personally and professionally. I am delighted to be a council member and faculty member and to help create and lead these retreats.