What Clients Say

Improved My Confidence

I came to coaching because I am the type of person that always wants to improve and I am open to the help. I had worked with Kate in a group seminar at my business so I had firsthand experience of her credibility. She is capable of quickly earning respect from a tough, skeptical, male-dominated audience.

Coaching has been a great value to me in many ways beyond the normal scope of professional development. Kate understands that growth in business involves more than bottom line results. She has studied me as a person and helped steer me in the right direction in terms of improving upon both strengths and weaknesses. The results have been both tangible and intangible. As a leader, I have improved my confidence and ability to make decisive moves in my role. My decisions have also improved the strength of my organization and resulted in significant cost savings.

─ Pat Inman, Director of Operations Gentle Giant Moving Company

Life Changing Experience

It has been a life changing experience and the discovery of my personal power with Kate Harper as my Coach. Kate’s ability to coach me into taking a good look at my potential while remaining focused has definitely helped me to learn and grow. Kate’s ability to empower and inspire through her coaching methods have been invaluable to me and my vision.

─ Bola Olabisi, TED Fellow and CEO, Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network

Great Insights

Kate was part of the greatest virtual team experience I have had at Shell. As the leader of the team, I asked her to coach me offline on what things I could do to help the team work better. We met offline because I did not want to burden the rest of the team members with a ‘coach’ or ‘facilitator.’ So the only thing Kate knew about the team was what I was telling her. Before long I was finding that the team was not moving as quickly as I had wanted. Kate encouraged me to do some things differently that I had been resisting doing because I did not think they would work. Was I ever wrong!

I finally invited her to one of the team meetings to provide a virtual team tip to all of us and explain how ‘doing things a bit differently’ than in the past would help us. After that first meeting she attended, everyone wanted her to stay and be a full-fledged member of the team! She not only brought tips on how to work more productively, but she began working with each member of the team offline to help them be a more productive member of the team. She had great insights on the change management issues we were facing and continued to help us work and manage a significant level of effort. We would never have been as successful as we were without Kate’s knowledge in virtual teamwork, her skill with getting people to work together and her ‘big picture’ insights on change management.

─ Tom Kunz, Global Finance Manager, Shell Chemicals

A Better Leader and a Better Person

Coaching — The art of leading and contributing to the professional and personal growth of others.
Executive Coaching — guiding others to develop a confidant, unbiased, objective perspective on life and relationships.

Kate Harper has been my coach for more than two years. She has taught me the ability to recognize my own bias’ and strengths towards issues relating to leadership and personal matters. She has also taught me to define the root cause of my concerns, as well as to trust in myself. Whatever the issue, using the skills that I have learned from Kate, I am a better leader and a better person. With Kate’s coaching, I have gained a different perspective on leadership, people and life in general. When one can identify with the core of their being and understand their strengths, and apply them to a meaningful purpose, their potential is limitless.

─ Kathy, Assistant Director of Health Information Services, Leading Regional Hospital System

Integral Part of My Professional Success

Coaching is an integral part of my professional success. Coaching gives me the opportunity to think about the reasons why I do the things I do. It has really allowed me to understand myself and my interactions with others. Kate is a marvelous coach. She asks such thought provoking questions that allow me to figure out the answers for myself. Coaching with Kate is an empowering and rejuvenating hour!”

─ David, School Principal and Innovative Educational Leader

Truly Magical

I have worked with Kate as my coach off and on for many years. She provides a broad, accepting, loving space for me to safely explore absolutely anything. And in addition to the powerful acceptance that she emanates which, in itself often begins the unraveling of the knots, she has a sparkling intuition and so is able to gently turn my attention to the essence of the situation. She poses that one question that makes the whole mucky situation shift and change. Truly magical. Even in places that feel dark and scary to me, Kate has been able to bring light and laughter, in the most honoring, gentle way. I feel blessed to have had – and continue to have – her support.

─ Hilda Porro, Attorney, Coach, Shaman